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DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS is responsible for creating the garments for the client, with the inspirational ideas, photos, materials and or design details given by the client. Domonique Janaya Customs is not allowed to duplicate other designers’ work or make an exact replica but is allowed to make a variation of the design, by changing any details such as; color, texture, print, pattern, fabric or embellishments. In providing these services, the role of Domonique Janaya Customs shall be that of an independent contractor and not that of employee or agent of the Client.  Domonique Janaya Customs represents and warrants that it will conform to the standard of care, skill and diligence exercised by professionals performing the same or similar services provided for in this Agreement. We are available for clear and open communication.


Custom Design Consultations

During your initial consultation which we discuss your vision and preferences as well as the price of your garment(s). We will exchange and modify ideas until a final design is agreed upon.  In these exchanges we will cover , fashion illustrations , discussion of fabric details, notion details, color, embellishments, garment styles and silhouette as well as fittings, alterations, and any further design details. These will be  agreed upon by both parties, before the production of any design.


Fittings and Alterations

All fittings and alterations you do are covered in the price of the garments until they have been released to you. The garment may only be altered for no additional charge if it is still in possession of the designer and has not yet been released. Last minute alterations are solely up to the discretion of the designer, if time permits. If alterations are extensive additional fees may apply. We have a full-service commitment and we will work with you until the fit is right. Client is allotted 2 fittings leading up until the completion of the garment, in Rock Hill, SC. If for any reason you choose to go elsewhere for alterations or adjustments, you (the client) is responsible for those cost. The garment will be produced using the provided or taken measurements at the time of the consultation.



Designing and constructing custom garments is a collaborative process that sometimes requires minor changes along the way. We can all expect this. Please let us know of any changes as early as possible so that we can try to accommodate you in a timely manner.  If no concerns are addressed prior to purchase date, which is 1-3 days after the consultation date and a deposit, or full payment, is made, no said changes can be made without incurring additional fees. Major changes MAY be able to be accommodated at the discretion of the designer. There will be no last-minute changes to the design or garment the week of or the day before the event under any circumstances.

The client understands that they are responsible for the payment of the garment(s), and any materials it takes to complete said garment(s).  Th client also assumes responsibility for timely payments. If any extra materials are needed to complete the garment(s) the client is responsible for the payment and purchasing of those materials. The client understands that there can be no changes to the fabric once it has been purchased or once it has been cut. Any changes to the initial design or the fabric, will incur additional fees, and must be approved.  The client also understands that any changes made to the design or fabric will extend the timeframe of the garments completion and could incur additional rush fees.


Limitation of Liability & Waiver to Sue

DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS  is not responsible for any mishaps, i.e. rips, tears, broken seams, stains to the garment or any lost, stolen or damaged garment(s), once they are released to the client and are in the client’s possession and under the client’s care. By picking up or having your garment shipped to you, you agree that any mishaps that occur after this time, they are your total responsibility. You agree that you waive your right to sue or seek any sort of litigation against DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS  its company, its affiliates or employees.


Delivery of Services

Delivery for services shall be mutually agreed by both parties, but in no event later than the event date. The garment can be picked up at a mutually agreed upon date and time.  The company shall take reasonable steps to satisfy the client’s needs for services in a timely manner.  If this is a dress, or garment for a formal event, be it; proms, weddings or special occasions, the garment request must be made as soon as possible to prevent time constraints. Delivery of garments via postal service will incur an additional fee.


Pick up Notice

If the client picks up your garment on your set pick up date, and take it with you, any alterations after it is released to the client will require additional alteration fees. Maternity gowns can be altered free of charge however if shipped, the client will assume all responsibility for postage. Once the garment is released to you and you have worn your garment to your event, you will not receive a refund or exchange for your garment(s). You have agreed that you are satisfied with your garment(s) once you have accepted them and they are in your possession.


Service Fee(s)

All deposits and payments are non-refundable. This agreement will be null and void if no deposit is received for the service. Services on your garment will not commence until a deposit is made. The payment covers the cost of materials and our investment to bring your garment to life.


Form of Payment

DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS  accepts all major credit cards, and cash only. NO CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED! Balances will include merchant processing fees and shipping if applicable. Domonique Janaya accepts electronic payments via Paypal and Cash App ONLY.


Terms of Payment

For all concepts such as dresses, gowns, or otherwise in depth concepts, there must be a consultation. A consultation/holding fee of $25 to $50 is due prior to a scheduled consultation. The consultation/registration fee is NOT included into the cost of your garment.


Payment Options

For concepts greater than $300 in value, during your consultation A DEPOSIT OF AT LEAST 80% MUST BE PAID. The client is also able to pay in full. Concepts lesser than $300 in value, excluding shipping and processing fees must be paid in full at the time of the consultation.


Construction of your garment will not begin until at least 80% of your garment is paid.


The concept will not be released until full payment for the garment is received (no matter the circumstance).  The garment can be picked up by the client on a mutually decided upon date and time.


The garment may not be picked up or shipped prior to its completion or before final payment is
.  There will be no discount or sales price deductions on custom designs or apparel. 




 Garment (s) are custom made for each client. DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS cannot accept any returns or cancellations for ANY reason once the client and designer and or affiliates have signed this agreement. The client understands that if the custom order or process of production is cancelled  for any reason there will be no refunds on prior services rendered or for any prior deposits given to DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS. Once the client has cancelled an order, either by verbal, or written communication, DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS  has the right to stop production of the order and use any remaining garments, fabrics or materials for company use. By signing this agreement, the client has a full and complete understanding that ALL deposits and payments are non- refundable.


Fabric Agreement 

Fabric and materials will not be ordered until the client has approved them and paid at least their initial deposit. Once the client has approved the fabric and materials for their design and they have been purchased, fabric changes cannot be made, unless the client pays an additional fee for both the additional labor and the new materials. Fees will vary. The fabric cannot be changed if the garment has already been cut out and created.


Commitments & Late fees

If you are more than 30 minutes late to any of your scheduled appointments there will be an additional $50 fee added onto your balance due. If you are a no call no show to any set appointments or fittings, there will be an additional $75 fee added onto your balance due. Concepts will not be released until the balance is fulfilled. No excuses.


No Third parties

This agreement is solely between Domonique Janaya Customs and the client(s) who are purchasing and/ or therefore wearing the custom-made garment(s). There will be no third parties included on the design or changes of said design once the agreement is made in this contract between DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS, and its Client(s).  If your name is not included in or on this contract, DOMONIQUE JANAYA  and its included designer(s) are not obligated to discuss this agreement or its details with anyone other than the parties in this binding agreement. This agreement cannot be binding with a minor or anyone under the age of 18 years of age.


Photo Release

All garments created by DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS and it’s design team will have full publishing and posting rights of its clients and or models wearing garments, fabrics and or accessories for the use of advertisement, social media, online publications and marketing purposes. Photos and/or videos will be taken during client fittings for alteration correction purposes.


Refusal of Services

DOMONIQUE JANAYA CUSTOMS can refuse services without a refund to the client, if the client becomes, harassing, menacing, threatening to the company or its employees about any services being rendered. Any vandalism or damage of any company property by a client will be followed up by lawful consequences. 

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